Hey y'all! Welcome to the NEW AND IMPROVED PvZRP Wiki!

So, I have some news I want to cover here! :D

Archiving Pages - Saving Memories and Ideas from the Old Wiki

Here are some currently instated rules about archiving:

- You can only archive 3 pages a day.

- Roleplay pages do not count here.

- You must put "Archived" in the categories. Nothing else like "FROM OLD WIKI" is allowed.

- If you want another persons character to be yours when transfered, you must ask for permission from the creator. Feel free to take characters from inactive users. You are not allowed to take OCs (explained a bit later)

- Just putting it here: Any rank you had previously will not be regained. This is a total staff wipeout!

If you have anymore questions about Archiving Pages, ask below!

Character Owning and OCs - What? Now there are two of them?!

Here is an explanation of the Character Owning and OC thingymabob.

An OC on this wiki is a character owned by someone that is not in the actual Plants vs. Zombies Series. Even if the character art or name isn't owned by them, here it is classified under an OC to make this easier. For example, one OC of mine is PuffyMuffins.

On this wiki, you can own a character someone else owns if it is not an OC'. I own Ghost Pepper, that means someone else can make a page called "Ghost Pepper (-name-)" and now they own Ghost Pepper as well. Sharing is not allowed anymore'. Ghost Pepper can be owned by multiple people because it is an official PvZ character. As such, PuffyMuffins cannot be owned by anyone but me.

If you are the first to own an official PvZ character on this wiki, then you have the honor of naming the page just the character without your name at the end of the article name. So If I owned Electric Currant first, I don't have to name it "Electric Currant (Puffy)."

You can also name characters. You can own a Peashooter called Mikey, just make the page "Mikey the Peashooter." This is now an OC and cannot be copied (it has a name, so you cannot make a page called "Mikey the Peashooter (-name-)" but you can still own Peashooter).

Also, if a character is a God you cannot remake that character.

God Characters - Z0mg HAx0r

Basically, if you want a God character you must be a Manager and have the character go through me. God (or Devil) characters can either have high offensive stats and 0 for all defensive stats or vise versa.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. The rules are being updated shortly! Either way drive safely and kilomilochillomexico all day long!

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