Hello future Managers of the Plants vs. Zombies Roleplay Wiki! If you ever wanted to be a Manager, here is the place!

This is the only time I will do this (at least the only planned time). Here I will have an application that you can use and reply with in the comments to have a shot at becoming a manager.

There are a few steps to this process:

1. Application

2. Interview

3. Rules

If you get past all 3, you will become a Manager Rookie. After that, you will become a Manager.

If you are told to be demoted from Manager, you are to demote yourself. If not Wikia Staff will be involved.

The application is below. Good luck and have fun! - PuffyMuffins

Username :

Why do you think you'd be a good Manager? :

How would others benefit from you being Manager? :

Why does the wiki need you to be Manager? :

Why do you want to be Manager? :

Final Words or Input? (optional) :