Basic Information Benitoite is a quiet and shy gem. She is one gem of two that make up PuffyMuffins, the other being Chrysoberyl. She is loving and caring and will never back down from a fight.
Likes Cats, Anthropomorphic Animals, Pizza, Cake
Dislikes Warmth, Modern Style
Gender Female
Race Gems
Health 3,350
Damage 5 (NDS)
Defense Low
Main Attack Tundra Terrain (Speed Up, Opponent Speed Down; Accuracy Up, Opponent Accuracy Down; Stalagmites 20 Damage)
Secondary Attack Frigid Shield (Defense Up; Block Up; Reflect Up, x0.25 Damage)
Other Information
Home Frostbite Caverns
Faction MyhtiCold
Nicknames Benitoi, Toite
Highschool Mt. Trailae

Benitoite is owned by and is one of three main OCs (PvZ) of PuffyMuffins.

More info coming soon.

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