Black Hole Grave

Lorum Ispum, after years of worship from loyal supporters, decides he will take more of an extreme perspective at taking the world.
1 Season - Page created on on July 7th, 2016

Black Hole Grave is a roleplay created by Wikia-Critic that features Lorum Ispum as a main character and unclear protagonist/antagonist.




  • LORD BLCSD PVZRP Lord Boot-leg Cold Snapdragon
  • RatchetEmote PVZRP Ratchet
  • ClankEmote PVZRP Clank


Will progress as the plot continues AKA we complete more recordings (chapters/episodes/whatever).


A Visit To The Grave|Recording I

Genesis Of Revival|Recording II

A Hectic Mess|Recording III

Figuring This Out|Recording IV

The Shards Of Tranquility|Recording V

Like A Jigsaw Puzzle|Recording VI

The Disagreements Begin|Recording VII

Fighting This Out|Recording VIII

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