Peay the Peashooter
An odd peashooter...






Shooting stuff


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Anywhere that he can go

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Peay the Peashooter is a male Plasma-Pea with possibly the best name in Peashooter history.


As said before, Peay the Peashooter is a Plasma-Pea. He has a sliver coiled snake on top of his head with a mysterious red mask that glows yellow. Plasma-Pea also looks like a Garden Warfare 2 Peashooter since he was born when an odd virus made every Plasma-Pea change colour and the virus removed stars from his plant skin.


Peay the Peashooter only likes two things: Shooting peas and running. Like all Plasma-Pea he can hold slightly more peas than a normal peashooter can hold. Peay the Peashooter also had a addition of running and he made some "Courses" to help him run faster. Most of the courses are hard to compete.

Peay the Peashooter also is extremely hyper active, this is because of him thinking about making the next course. Peay also is a bit trigger happy with him liking to attack people prematurely.


Peas - Well he is a Peashooter. Since he is a Plasma-Pea, his peas contain mini universes, however, said universes are weak and thus Peay's peas are not stronger than normal peas.

Pea charger - Plasma Peas have an odd mouth that can power up a pea which ends with with stronger peas with larger splash damage, however, charging up peas take a long time. Charging can also harm Peay so he always has to release a pea if he holds it for a minute.


  • Peay the Peashooter is the first plant on this wiki to be created, not to be transferred.

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